Consultations and supervision

Thea is now offering supervision and as well as consultations. Thea has completed the supervision coursework requirements and the hours of supervision but is still working on the hours of providing supervision to meet the requirements for the RCC-ACS designation. 

Thea is no longer offering EMDRIA-approved consultation credits as a consultant in training as she has decided to not continue as a member of EMDR Canada. She is happy to provide consultation on EMDR cases, however, it will not count towards your EMDRIA membership, certification, or consultant requirements. Thea will continue to meet the professional development criteria in accordance with the EMDRIA certification standards, though will no longer hold certification. 

Thea has also decided to drop her ADHD- Approved Clinical Services Provider certification as well, though she will continue with the professional development that would be required to continue with the designation. 

Consultation or Supervision? What's the difference and how to decide which to seek out?

Consultation is peer-to-peer. This is good for getting advice about a case, an approach, or a dilemma. It can be a one-off, as needed, or regularly. There is no expectation for the consultee to adhere to the recommendations offered. Consultations can be booked through the link below.  

Supervision is different in that there is an expectation to follow through on the recommendations or advice, as the supervisor is part of the client's care team and is liable for the actions of the supervisee. If you would like supervision with Thea, a meeting to determine compatibility and establish expectations is needed. Additional documentation will be required (agreement and consent forms, etc). To schedule a time to meet with Thea to determine compatibility, please email her directly. Please note that at this time Thea is not an approved Supervisor of Supervision in accordance with the BCACC guidelines. 

Thea has advanced trainings in Trauma, ADHD, CBT, EMDR, and ERP. Thea is also trained in DBT, ACT, and brief solution focused counselling, Critical Incident support, Indigenous Counselling, attachment, and Motivational Interviewing. Thea has worked within programs focused on addictions, concurrent disorders, child and youth mental health, and indigenous counselling prior to making the move to private practice.